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  • Improved Fail2Ban detection
  • Improved Infoscreen Management
  • Improved redirect statistics for admins


  • Allowing Ticketeers to confirm expired tickets
  • Improved Mailconfig samples
  • Added limits for user and groupname sizes for mailing lists and forwarders


  • Handling of 413 Error (File Size)
  • Better display of infoscreens for admins
  • Dependency upgrades


  • Major Bugfix for date generation on various instances
  • Small Bugfixes
  • Improved Notification Mails for new Infoscreens


  • Now sending unused List report to admins as well
  • Amount of days before reporting can be set with settings
  • Consolidating Sync and Add functionality of lists
  • Added modal buttons for forms

User Action required

  • Set LIST_REPORT_DAYS in mail.py
  • Remove MAIL_SERVICE_GROUP_SYNC from baseconfig.py
  • Remove MAIL_SERVICE_GROUP_SYNC from baseconfig.py
  • Add BASE_MAIL_LISTS to mail.py
  • Move all List Groups from the two mail list OUs into one new list OU
  • Rename mailmansync_lists job to mailmansync in frontend.py
  • Remove SMS_DEBUG from backend.py


  • Improved Mailman sync speed
  • Improved Nginx logrotation
  • Improved Mailbox Storage Notice
  • Now forcing name change, when adding a user to a list.

User Action required

  • Update job_imap_storage to every 12 hours


  • Language Change is now possible for lists
  • RFC Headers are enabled for lists
  • Design unified (Cards)

User Action required

  • Update Mail Config


  • Changelog is now rendered
  • Copyright added to every page
  • Mass subscribing users with names is now possible
  • Added Nginx Logrotation
  • Now banning people who try inexisting ssl redirects over and over

User Action required

  • Update Backend config (Logrotation)
  • Update Nginx config (localhost -> IP)


  • A notification about expiring passwords is now sent on the day before expiration as well.
  • Listadmins are now able to change visible names of external adresses


  • When searching Users, one can now search for any part in names, not just the first.

User Action required

  • In the automatic_reminders job the AE Check has been removed


  • Added List and Forwarder Management

User Action Required:

  • Added REDIRECT_404_PAGE to RedirectorConfig
  • Moved INTERNAL_LINKS_HEADER from FrontendConfig to BaseConfig
  • Moved INTERNAL_LINKS from FrontendConfig to BaseConfig